When you look on a food label or ingredient list for one of your favorite snacks or meals.. do you know what all those words mean? I sure don’t!

Our wellness coaches had each of us bring in a food label and then helped us to breakdown the ingredient list. I brought Nature Valley bars- I like them because they’re sweet and they’re super easy to just grab in the morning when I’m running out the door! Tip: The first three ingredients are what to consider most!

NV_Granola_Bar_Oat_ and_Honey

During week 6 of Genavix we learned that there are 100+ names to identify sugar and sugar alcohols. Our wellness coaches, Kelly Jones and Paul Rushin, gave us a list. We learned which which sugars are a better choice when selecting foods and products- but not “good for us.” For example, I had not heard of Coconut Sugar- adding it to the list!

Also during week 6, we did a spin class with guest instructor, Lynne Plotnick (NAC personal trainer and certified spin instructor). We started off the class learning on how to adjust the seat to your specific height, length, etc. Then progressed onto how to adjust the resistance. Lynne took us through a 45 minute workout and gave us the knowledge to jump into a spin class comfortably from here on out.

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