Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means football, family and food to the majority of people. If you’re looking to add in an extra f-word to your Turkey Day, fitness is something that can be fun for the whole family! The kids will have a blast getting active before dinner is served and parents will be happy to burn off some of the Thanksgiving feast. Check out these kid-friendly Thanksgiving day games and activities to get moving, suitable for the whole family!

  1. Flag Football Match: This one is a no-brainer; nothing goes together better than Thanksgiving and football. Get the whole family together, divide up into teams, and let the games begin. The winning team gets the first slices of pie after dinner!
  2. Participate in a Turkey Trot: Many towns and neighborhoods host local 5ks or 1-milers on Thanksgiving morning. Spend time together as a family before the chaos of cooking ensues later in the afternoon, while also enjoying the fresh air and exercise.
  3. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt: This one takes a little bit of preparation before the big day. Hide toy-sized turkeys around your house or yard with clues attached. These can be anything from simple exercises (do five push-ups) to silly things (show off your best turkey dance). When they reach the end children will receive a special prize.
  4. Turkey Walk: This game is great for younger children. Play music and all the children dance around. The adult can encourage children to dance like various types of turkeys (BIG, small, happy, sad, crazy, etc.)
  5. Pumpkin Roll: This relay race game is harder than it sounds. Each player gets a pumpkin and a stick or broom. All players start in a line and they must race to use their stick to roll their pumpkin to the finish line. The first one with their pumpkin across wins!

No matter what your plans are for Thanksgiving, there are tons of ways to stay active. Share your favorite ways to spend time getting fit with your family!


Stay fit and active all season long! Winter youth programs start this Monday, November 30.