With the holiday season officially beginning next week, many parents are gearing up to begin shopping for gifts. Retailers are offering more options than ever to attain one of the top spots on children’s holiday wishlists this season. While children today are growing increasingly interested in electronics and other sedentary activities, giving gifts that encourage activity are a great way to get your kids up and moving. Check out our list of the best gifts to get kids active during this holiday season!

Babies & Toddlers

  • Mini Trampoline: This mini toddler trampoline is the perfect way to get your little one up and moving. Even when the weather gets cold, they will have a blast bouncing around indoors. Toddlers will be able to practice balance and coordination, while also have fun!
  • Ride-on Push Car: Toddlers will love riding around the house on a brightly colored push car when the weather starts getting cold. During the spring and summer, take this toy outside and get moving to explore the great outdoors.
  • Youth Programs Classes at the NAC: The winter session for recreational gymnastics classes begins Monday, November 30 and our dance program runs through May 2016. Babies and toddlers will love getting active in parent participation and independent classes. Try one of our Tiny Twos dance classes to engage in movement with props, or Baby Gym where children develop balance and coordination.

Ages 5-8

  • Lazer Pitch Baseball: Children will love feeling like a pro when they practice with this automatic pitcher. When the weather is nice, children will be able to play outside all day long, staying active and getting fresh air. Adjust the speed for players of any level and get ready to play ball!
  • Bicycle: Learning how to ride a bike is one of the most exciting things for children. Whether your child is just starting out or can ride like a pro, bikes are a great way to encourage children to get outside and active.
  • Youth Programs Classes at the NAC: This holiday season give the gift of youth programs classes. No matter what your child is interested in, there is sure to be a program that they will love. There are classes in every program including recreational and competitive gymnastics, dance, Kidfit, tae kwon do, and cheerleading.

Ages 9-12

  • Basketball hoop: This is a special gift that kids will look forward to using all winter long. Kids will have a blast shooting hoops after school and staying active with their friends. Whether your child has played basketball before or not, this gift is sure to be a slam dunk.
  • Wii: This gaming console combines the best of both worlds with electronics and activity. Kids have the choice of games that will get them up and moving, including a variety of sports and dance games. This gift is perfect for kids to stay active when it is too cold to leave the comfort of home.
  • Youth Programs Classes at the NAC: Whether your child loves playing sports or working on their plié, there is a class that they will love at the Newtown Athletic Club. Whether it is raining, snowing, or sunny outside, children can come and stay active all year long.

This holiday season, focus on what really matters and give a gift that encourages your child to stay fit and healthy. Youth programs are a great gift for children of all ages!

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