Do you feel stuck in the same workout routine? Here are 3 tips from NAC Trainer, Jason Taylor on how to switch it up!

1. Change Up Your Grip
Hand Placement and grip manipulation can make a huge difference in the difficulty of an exercise and recruiting muscle fibers. There are multiple different ways to do this but the one Jason brings us today is the use of towels to add difficulty to pulling movements such as curls, pull ups, and rows. Jason says “This is something I like to do pretty often with my clients. It gives them a more natural feeling grip while making it more difficult at the same time. It places more stress on the grip strength and as some research studies would show increases activation of the targeted muscle fibers.”
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2. Superset with Cardio
The second tip Jason gives us is super setting a strength exercise with a short burst of high intensity cardio vascular exercise with no rest in between. His instructions were as follows “super set any of your strength training movements such as the pictured chest press, with a bout of 30-60 seconds of a high intensity cardio like jump rope, alternating step ups, high knees in place, etc. The benefits are numerous. It keeps the heart rate elevated in-between sets, keeps the blood circulating between sets actually helping the muscle recover from fatigue, and ensures that blood flow stays in the working muscle bringing it oxygen, nutrients, and helping fat metabolism as opposed to it returning to the body’s organs.”

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3. Pre exhaust
The third and final tip of the day comes in the form of pre exhaustion. When many people lift weights they start their routine with the large, compound, multi joint exercises such as the squat, bench press, pull up, or dead lift and then follows with more isolated single joint movements that isolate smaller groups of muscle. The act of pre exhaustion reverses this plan and requires you to tire the muscle using the more refined movements first and finishing your workout with the larger compound exercises. Jason’s explanation is as follows: “Take for instance you are training your back. Quite often you would start with dead lifts, pull ups, etc. When pre exhausting we take a backwards approach and for the sake of this tip we will say you start with a reverse fly movement, then move on to a single arm row, and then finish with pull ups. By the time the isolation movements have already taxed the muscles of the back it should take a bit more effort to produce the same performance on pull ups that it would if you started with them, therefore creating more stress and inducing more change”


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