Ryan Brady has always been small for his age, but that is no reason to underestimate his athletic ability. This fall, Ryan and his brother Daniel signed up for the Sports of All Sorts class in the KidFit program at the Newtown Athletic Club. The class is designed for children ages 5-7 and Ryan is one of the smallest kids in the class.

Since rejoining the NAC over a year ago, Dana Brady, Ryan and Daniel’s mom, has gotten her sons involved in several youth programs classes. Last fall, Dana signed Ryan up at the age of 4 for a gymnastics class. Despite his size, Ryan’s instructors suggested he move up to Division 2 gymnastics with boys much older than him due to his apparent skill for the sport.

“Ryan is very small for his age but is incredibly competitive, physically fit, and athletic,” explained Dana. “He is always the smallest in the group even if it’s all his age. He is not intimidated and gets right in there.” Dana loves that the instructors help to make sure that Ryan is always included and safe during classes, but still allow him to participate to his fullest potential.

The youth programs classes have also been a great outlet for Ryan’s brother, Daniel. The various programs have helped Daniel to build confidence despite his anxiety issues. Daniel even placed third in this year’s Kid’s TRI at the NAC and ran in another 5k race.

Not only have the boys gained confidence from these classes, they have also been able to make new friends. Daniel switched schools this year and didn’t think he would know anyone. Luckily for him, he found that a few of his classmates were in some of his past youth programs classes.

Through their participation in youth programs at the NAC, the Brady boys have been able to grow and learn in a positive environment. Both the KidFit and Gymnastics programs have allowed the boys to learn new skills and gain confidence all while encouraging a healthy lifestyle.


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