ROLLER RELEASE with Jeanne Hogan
(Self-Myofascial Release – SMR)
Promo Class, SATURDAY 10:30-11:30 in Studio 1
Limited to 18 Participants
Register Online Please 
Join Jeanne this Saturday and you will learn how to perform self-myofascial massage using the foam roller and your own body weight to rub out the kinks, soreness and tight spots in your muscles. 
Through the overstress of our muscles, whether through overuse or trauma, our layers of fascia can get tears in them. When the tears don’t heal properly, the various layers of fascia in your body can adhere together in spots (called adhesions/knots/trigger points), which will cause pain and discomfort. These adhesions keep your muscles from working the way they’re supposed to, which keeps your body from living up to its potential for strong and natural movement. When we put pressure on these adhesions, they are released, and we can get back to optimal physical performance.
By performing Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) techniques (also known as Trigger Point Therapy) on a simple piece of foam, you can improve flexibility, function, performance, and reduce injuries.
BENEFITS of Self-Myofascial Release:
* Alleviates knots (trigger points) and tightness in your muscles
* Increases blood flow to muscles which helps for faster recovery from workouts
* Physically de-stresses your body so it can work more efficiently
* Relieves muscle soreness and joint stress
* Improves joint range of motion
* Helps maintain normal functional muscular length
* Increases flexibility
* Aids in correcting muscle imbalances
* Aids in preventing injuries
Wear comfortable workout clothing.
Class begins with a short warm-up to promote blood flow, followed by self-myofascial release from head to toe! Prepared to feel totally revitalized!
Please inform instructor of all current injuries. Appropriate for all fitness levels.