It has been an exciting and busy few weeks for InClubGolf at the NAC.  The InClub Golf studio is nearing completion and as each day passes our vision for optimized golf performance training is coming to life.  The framing and decking have been completed, our walls are up and our turf throughout the studio is being laid, green side up, with completion by Thursday, September 10th.  Painting will be completed on Thursday and Friday, September 9 and 10.
The studio will open for business at 9 AM. Tuesday,  September 15th.  In the meantime, please feel free to stop by over the weekend, see for yourself and sign up for membership!!  We are located on the club’s lower level between the brown and blue gyms. I would love to meet you!
image003Please click on the link below to see pictures of our progress thus far and some candid shots from two of our “play-with-the-pro” opportunities, one at Makefield Highlands and the other at Double Eagle Golf’s Pitch and Putt in Morrisville.   Our play-with-the-pro opportunities are a great way for me to learn about your on-course playing habits, as well as help each of you individually with your own on-course management and knowledge of the game.  For these on-course playing opportunities, members are required to pay for their greens fees but there are no other lesson fees.
Our InClubGolf programming will cover all aspects of your game, from golf swing to physical training to the mental approach to the game.  For beginners and experienced players alike, you will find that InClubGolf’s customized-to-you learning approach will help you gain confidence in your swing.  The linking of training and swing analysis together will enable you to generate your own personal feel of what the golf swing should be.