This class is a KILLLLLER! I honestly felt like I would have a six pack after just one class. If you are looking for an excellent 30 minute ab workout, you have to go!

Within the first 5 minutes my abs were on fire! Chris’s energy made it a lot easier to push through the exercise.  The whole class had great, upbeat music, which Chris stayed with for every exercise.  There was a mixed bag of people, young and old, and everyone could handle it as you can modify the exercises if necessary. I think that anyone could benefit from this class!

Each class will be different, but here are some things that happened during Tuesday’s class!

  • A LOT of planks with a bunch of variations
  • Sit-ups with variations
  • work with gliders

and much more! This 30 minute class flew by, and left me feeling awesome about working my abs! I so very highly recommend it!


Chris teaches Core and More on Monday’s 7-8 am and Tuesday’s from 5-5:30 pm. Also, check her out on Instagram @cdornerfitness