Fit Tip Friday: Maintaining Proper Posture

This week we teamed up with two of our new trainers, Lynn Plotnick and Bryan Munoz.  Lynne and Bryan both relocated to Bucks County after years of living the NY lifestyle and training at Equinox NYC.  They didn’t know each other before joining our NAC Fitness Team, but we are excited to welcome them to our club!  They will both be at our FREE Open House this Sunday,  May 31st starting at 9:00 AM.  We hope you can make it for a great workout or just to say a welcoming HELLO!  In the mean time, learn all about maintaining proper posture to LiveFit!

Maintaining Proper Posture

Keeping a watchful eye on your posture is more important than you might think.  We spend so much of our time bending forward as we sit at our desks and work on the computer, or hunched over our electronic devices for work, play and general communication.  Focusing on better alignment is something we should all pay attention to every day, but especially during your workouts. You don’t want to train in a “collapsed” position, meaning your shoulders pointing in, towards each other.  Train yourself in a positive and expanded manner.  Open your chest, with your shoulder blades coming together behind you. You will develop not only strength in the proper alignment, but also the ability to recognize when you’re in the right or potentially wrong position.
Check out some exercises that help with your posture:
  1. Dead lift/bent over row – Feet are slightly less than hip width apart as you bend forward into a dead lift; knees are slightly bent, back is flat.  At the bottom, before your rise up, complete a single row. After the row is complete, return to standing position and begin again.                                 . 034035 036 037 038
  2. Forward lunge with kettle bell / single arm rack position or straight arm overhead – Rack position is the first move, progressing to the overhead position to add strength and stabilization challenges.
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    (or the advanced version)
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  3. Overhead Lateral Rotary Swing: This will develop postural muscles that support the spine and complete core engagement from abdominal’s to obliques. Muscles that support the hips will be firing, pretty much from your plantar Fascia ( Bottom of your feet), to your Trapezius ( Top of you’re shoulders), and will be engaged during the Rotary swing.
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