“Fail to plan and you are planning to fail” #FTF

Today’s Fit Tip Friday is dedicated to our new Live Fit Coaching Sessions that help members make a plan to reach their fitness goals.

It is believed that Ben Franklin once said, “Fail to plan, and you are planning to fail.” He may not have been referring to living a healthy lifestyle at the time, but when it comes to reaching your fitness and nutrition goals- these are wise words to live by.

During my live fit coaching session, after committing to losing 10 lbs, we then created a plan utilizing the services and amenities available as a NAC member. [As a full time employee I receive the same membership services and amenities as a member and I also receive discounts. Lucky me!]

I know most people think since I work in a gym I would workout all the time, but there have been many weeks where it just didn’t fit into my day and other things just jumped to the top of my priority list. Christina reminded me that I needed to make my health a priority and that she knew there was a way to make fitness and nutrition #1 on my “to do” list.

Back to being lucky, I work at the NAC, so it was pretty easy to create a plan having some of the top people, services and facilities in the industry right at my fingertips. However, the true key to reaching my goal was THE PLAN.

Here is the plan Christina and I created once we chit-chatted and she got to learn more about my likes and dislikes:

  1. Six Zone 2x/week: Since I love the motivation and energy a group provides, Christina suggested I go to Six Zone 2x a week. Six Zone is a short, but intense 36 minute workout that I can jump in at any time during the morning or evening hours depending on my schedule for the day- but I always plan and schedule my workout like any other meeting.
  2. Personal Training 2x/week: Since I wanted to see quick results and need accountability she also recommended two 30 minute personal training sessions and team training. The 30 minutes was key to fitting into my schedule and it’s super affordable. Our trainers are constantly reminding me that I need to add strength into my fitness plan- so I strictly do 30 minutes of strength with a trainer normally right before a Six Zone class for a total of 66 minutes!
  3. Group Ex 1x/week: I also try to do at least one group exercise class, whether it is Yoga or a crazy Zumba class to let out my love of dancing! It’s easy to hop into one of the 200+ classes we have to offer.
  4.  Nutrition: I actually eat pretty healthy- I needed more of a commitment on my fitness side, but after attending several nutrition classes held by Kelly, our Registered Dietician, I made small changes with big impacts to my diet. The number one is I started planning my meals for the week based on her recommendation. I use the app, “My Fitness Pal” and log my food the night before for the next day and this always helps me stay on track.

I am sure you can see the pattern and the key to success. “Fail to plan and you are planning to fail.”  Now lets hope sticking to a plan makes for Muscles in May and I am #poolready for #escape!

Interested in creating your own plan to success? Email our LIVE Fit Coaches at met@newtownathletic.com to schedule your appointment today!


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