Seeing is Believing.

Do you have fitness goals that you just can’t seem to reach or feel that you will never accomplish?

I did too. But then six weeks, and ten pounds ago, I sat down with Christina, one of our Member Experience Associates, to evaluate and practice one of our new services, LIVEfit Coaching sessions. The meeting is designed to do four things:

  1. Establish fitness goals
  2. Visualize how you will look, feel and improve your health
  3. Create a timeline and plan to reach these goals
  4. Maximize all the services and amenities included in your membership

Previously when I would practice with Christina, I would role play different people with different goals.  This last time I said my real weight, my real health risks and real goals.  The experience was eye opening to say the least. The program utilizes an avatar to create an image that looks closely like your current self and then shows you what you could look like once you reach your goals. It also showed me how making a few changes to my lifestyle could make a huge impact on my health risks.

“Seeing is believing” and once I saw the avatar and the possibilities I was determined to lose those last 10 pounds that were always on my “to do” list.  To hit your goals follow some of the simple rules to success that Christina taught me:

  1. Set a goal that motivates you.
    • Set goals that are a high priority in your life. You should feel a sense of urgency and an “I need to do this attitude”.
  2. Put the goal in writing.
    1. Studies show that writing your goal and signing your name to it makes you more likely to accomplish it.
  3. Make a plan.
    1. This is the most important part of setting a goal- how to achieve it!
  4. Get a team of support.
    1. Being part of a team increases our determination, stamina and courage to keep going. Having a LIVEfit coach, trainers, your friends and family support you and hold you accountable really makes a difference in your success.

“Only 5% of people who join a gym actually get the results they desire [because they do not have a plan]”, according to a ten year study conducted by the Journal of American Medical Association. We want all of our members to join the 5% and are excited to offer this new service to all of our members.

Check out our #FitTipFriday to learn more about the plan made with a LIVEfit coach to reach the second goal I set in my Live Fit coaching session: Muscles in May! Just in time for the opening of ESCAPE!


Yours in Fun & Fitness,


Kate Golden

Director, People & Fitness Operations


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