Join us on Monday, January 12th as Fox 29 showcases one of the newest fitness trends right here at the NAC – Cardio Sport!

What is Cardio Sport? Cardio Sport is a comprehensive group fitness adventure that uniquely integrates interval training techniques with compound sports-related movements in an unparalleled inspiring exercise environment. It is the most comprehensive conditioning system in the market today. What separates Cardio Sport from any other fitness product is its unique ability to provide a targeted wellness plan that compliments any fitness enthusiast. Even better, it is coming to NAC Fitness this month! This class will run for a short session on Monday 7:30am-8:30am. See the Cardio Sport Website here.

You are invited to join in or watch! We encourage you to support that NAC in our effort to pioneer new trends in the fitness industry.

Cardio Sport will require a limited number or participants (15-20). If you are interested in doing the Cardio Sport segment, please fill out the form below. It is first come, first serve! We will confirm your RSVP with e-mail.