Fit Tip Friday – With all the hard work you’ve been putting in this new year, it’s time for a release – a myofascial release. NAC Trainer, Katie Mitchell show us how to target 3 main areas in this weeks Fit Tip Friday!

Interested? Check out NAC Group Exercise instructor, Jeanne Hogan’s M.E.L.T class on Friday mornings from 8:30-9:15am. M.E.L.T is a 45-min session of self-massage (myofascial release techniques) using a foam roller to release muscle tension to increase flexibility and reduce pain, address postural and spinal alignment issues, increase body awareness, core strengthening and stress reduction. This class if perfect for participants at all levels of fitness.​

Benefits of foam rolling include: muscle tension relief, correcting muscle imbalances, increased range of motion, and injury prevention.

1. Piriformis & Glutes: Sit with the right ankle over the left thigh and plant the left foot firmly on the floor with hands propping you up by your sides.
Next – Roll your body forward and back hitting all parts of the glutes.
Roll out each side for 60 seconds applying more pressure to trigger points.


2. IT Bands/Outer Thigh: Lie on your left side with the outer thigh on the foam roller, and the left forearm propping up the torso. Roll between the knee and the hip bone, taking extra time on trigger points.  Continue for 60 seconds and switch sides.



3. Quadriceps: Start face down on the floor with both thighs on the roller and forearms propping up the torso. Roll up two inches, then down one, spending extra time on any knots or trigger points. Continue until you cover the front side of the thigh, 60 seconds per side.