The votes have been counted, the beans have been roasting and the new equipment has arrived!  What does that mean?  The new Coffee Bar is here in the NACafe.

The three contenders of the blind sampling held in the lobby were Bucks County Coffee, Illy and Lavazza.  The votes were counted and the members voted for Illy!  Illy coffee partners directly with the farmers and uses only the highest-order Arabica beans.  They produce a single blend of 100% Arabica beans that  is packaged using their patented pressurized technology to provide peak freshness.  What this means to you is the the highest quality beans are used to make the perfect cup of coffee or espresso.  Many other companies use blends of poorer quality beans; however, Illy doesn’t compromise on quality and according to your votes you don’t either!


In addition to hot coffee we will have new additions to the menu.  The expanded menu will include Chai Tea, Frozen Mochas and there is even something for the kids…Frozen Hot Chocolate!

We will be launching the new coffee bar on Monday, January 12th just 12 more days!  Those of you with a New Year’s resolution to get your workout in before work, you now have the perfect spot to grab a quick drink before you hit the office.