Katie Mitchell’s Favorite Core Stability Exercises for Back Strength

Fit Tip Friday – Can you hold a plank for two minutes, without back pain? If not, it’s time to start thinking about core stability.

What types of core training can you do? Stability, strength, power, endurance, rotary, joint-specific.

Why is core strength so important to your health? A weak and unstable core can be associated with issues further down your body. Core stability training includes both functional balance training as well as traditional core stability exercise.

Here are Katie’s three favorite types of core stability exercises that will save your back.

1. Full body isometric contraction- The Plank


2. Isometric contraction with dynamic limb movement-The Pallof Press

IMG_1149 IMG_1150

3. Functional balance training- Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift.

IMG_1155 IMG_1156


About our newest personal trainer, Katie Mitchell:

Katie got involved with the fitness industry by a “misfortune that was her greatest fortune.” She says “Apparent misfortune was my greatest fortune as an athlete that experienced life changing back surgeries I was introduced to physical therapy and fitness at a young age. My energy was redirected towards other people instead of myself. With passion comes purpose, My ‘work’ Inspires and drives me to get out of bed everyday.”

Katie specializes in weight loss, back injuries, core strength, general health and strength training. She holds a wide variety of certifications including ACSM, NPTI, ISSA, Cross Country Education, SCW. She has 10 years of personal training experience with a background working in physical therapy, fitness modeling and figure competitions.

When we asked Katie what her favorite H.I.I.T workout is she responded “Let me embarrass myself real quick and say a Pitbull song, a jump rope + a kettlebell = a HIIT workout.” You could probably guess there wouldn’t be any dull moments in your sessions with her!



Make your new years resolutions with Katie!

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