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The NAC has formed an exclusive medical wellness partnership with Aria Health which is designed to bring wellness education, consultation and access to NAC members.  We will be promoting Aria Health education, promotions, programs, services and physicians.  We view this as a tremendous value added proposition for our members and for no extra charge whatsoever.  There is no other health club in the nation developing this type of program with a hospital or health organization.  We are the first.
 Calling on all Aria affiliated doctors who are NAC members to participate and be listed.

As an integral part of this program we are forming a directory of Aria physicians who are NAC members.  We would like to form relationships of trust between our Aria partner doctors and members within this community.

We are asking any  Aria affiliated doctors who are NAC members to please participate in our NAC Physician Directory by completing the form below.  This directory will be maintained on the NAC website as well as promoted to all members throughout the club.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please contact Linda Mitchell, Director of Public and Community Relations, at