The gymnastics program allows for our gymnasts to grow without limitations.  The track is what makes this possible, here is a run through of how the track works straight from Gymnastics Coordinator Shelby Gies.

It can begin as early as 18 months in our “Mommy and Me” class. When the gymnasts reach ages 3 to 5, we offer Pre-Gym classes where they learn the fundamentals of gymnastics. As progress is made, gymnasts may then join divisional classes. These range from Division 1 to Division 6, ages 5 to 15. For those who prove to be exceptionally talented at a young age and wish to pursue a more challenging course, we offer the following classes: SuperStars (ages 4-5), MiniStars (ages 5-6), and Hot Shots (ages 6-7). Typically, these gymnasts feed into our USAIGC competitive team which begins with Pre-Team. This is not to say Divisional gymnasts are unable to join our Pre Team if they are able to show equal ability. If a gymnast masters the required skills for the next level, they will continue to move up. The USAIGC levels are as follows: Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. We strive to challenge our gymnasts to achieve their full potential while having a great time in the process!


Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the track or our gymnastics program!