Thinking about switching up your workout? You don’t need to enter the ring to get results. Infact, boxing has shown to be one of the most effective, stress relieving workouts out there! Luckily at the NAC, we have our very own boxing expert. Trainer Phil Lightfoot specializes in “The Sweet Science” of boxing technique and conditioning. This includes anaerobic strength and endurance, functional fitness training, and mitt work.

Here is what to expect in your first session:

Muscles Worked: 

Shoulders, Back, Hips, Core.

The Basics of the Following 4 Punches:

1. Jab– The single most important punch in all of boxing. The Jab is used to set up more power shots and to keep your opponent off balance.
Power must be maintained in your feet, assisted by your body weight and legs. This helps you spring you forward when pushing your body to the desired target.

Arms and fist-The means of exploding your moving weight against an opponent.

Shoulders and back are used when turning the arm in a corkscrew like motion to maximize power in snap in the jab.

2. Straight Right Hand– Powerful punch that is often thrown directly behind the left jab. (Must be thrown directly from your face) Throw the right hand in a straight line to maximize power and speed (NO ANGLES)
Hips, Core, and shoulders play a major role in effectively  delivering the straight hand.
When you pivot off your back foot and twisting your hips you generate more power in the punch. Also, by turning your right shoulder forward while simultaneously snapping your left shoulder back, it helps build the muscle in the traps and deltoids and maximizes punching power and extension in the reach.

3. Left Hook –Thrown with a bent arm.  Your arm should resemble the letter “L” if thrown correctly. When you throw the hook, pivot on your lead left foot, turn hips, as you simultaneously snap your left arm across your body while maintaining the “L” shape. The power of the left hook is determined by the momentum generated by twisting your hips

4. Right Uppercut – It can serve as a powerful inside punch at close quarters range. When throwing this punch, bend your right knee slightly while simultaneously dropping the right shoulder to your right side. Keep your hands up by your face and don’t over exaggerate or telegraph this punch. Rotate your hips forward as you push off the ball of your back foot. Drive your right hand up towards your target. Drive your hips up as you connect to maximize power.

More of a visual learner? Check out this quick video highlighting the Jab, Straight Right Hand, Left Hook and Right Uppercut!

Boxing/Boxing conditioning is a fun and challenging activity that can be simplified for a beginner and advanced for the elite. Anybody can participate in the sport weather for completion or just for a great workout. The nature of it expends a lot of energy that can be therapeutic and stress relieving. I utilize my fitness training with the principals of boxing  to help clients physically with weight management and strength, and mentally with self esteem and confidence . I want to motivate those who need an extra push, and make sure that people get the results they want and need for the better.

Don’t wait! Book your first free boxing session with Phil! Contact our Member Experience team, or (215) 958-0600 x105 or fill out the form below.