Fit Tip Friday: Alex’s Ab Challenge

NAC Trainer, Alex Lollis, was recently featured in for Six-Pack Spectacular inspiration! He was number 4 (beastingkid87) among the top 19 BodySpace members who are dedicated to a healthy lifestyle resulting in an awesome core.  In this NAC Blog, Alex will share his top 5 most effective core exercises. We challenge you to try one new move a day to complete Alex’s Ab Challenge!


1. Decline Bench Crunches – (Equipment needed: Decline bench, located in the fitness floor near the mirrors)

Lying on a decline bench with your back flat, sit up and crunch at the top of the rep as seen in the picture. Making sure to exhale when crunching and inhale when returning to the starting position. Breathing is important!

TIP: Do not let your back touch the bench in between reps and keep the tension on your abs for the duration of the set.

decline-bench-1 decline-bench


2. Planks – (No equipment needed.)

Lying on your stomach, push your body up on your toes and forearms as seen in the picture. Keep your hips and core tight while maintaining the position for at least 30 seconds.

TIP: Start off holding a plank for 30 to 60 seconds and work on increasing your time up to 3+ minutes!


3. Hip Bends: (Equipment needed: 10-25 lb dumbbell or plate)
Standing straight up in the starting position, hold a weight in your left or right hand. Bend to the side you are holding your weight while concentrating on your hips and oblique muscles. When you finish one set of 12 reps switch sides.

TIP:  Lean deeper towards the floor to increase the intensity of the exercise.


4. Roman Candles – (Equipment needed: Cable Pulley and rope extension. Located on fitness floor across from turf)
Using a cable pulley and a rope extension, kneel down letting your arms relax as shown in the picture below. Crunch down, squeeze and return to the starting position slowly, maintaining full control. Remember to use your core for this movement, not your arms!
Tip: Start at a light weight with more reps, instead of heavier weight and less reps!
 roman-candle roman-candle1

5. Leg Lifts: (Equipment used: Captain’s Chair. Located behind the Stairmaster)

Standing with your back against the Bosu, grasp the handles for support.  Raise your legs straight in the air (as pictured below).  Focus on using your lower abs.  The movement should be controlled making sure to breathe in between reps.

TIP: If maintaining straight legs is too hard then try bending your knees instead.


leglifts leglifts-1


We challenge you to try these yourself! A strong core is arguably the most important factor in overall wellness. The benefits span a wide range including healthy back, great posture, balance and stability, and sports performance.

 To start your challenge with Alex contact (215) 968-0600 x 105 or e-mail



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