Ten Great Summer Camp Moments You’ll Experience at School’s Out Camp


1. The Aqua Fun Run is an inflatable for the indoor pool. Campers got to climb, slide, jump, and run all through the AFR during this day. If your camper loved AFR Day at Camp NAC we will be having another AFR Day during our School’s Out Camp this winter. Mark your calendars for January 2nd and get ready to take on the AFR!


2. During week 6 of Camp NACster was Color Games! Campers supported their team by wearing their team colors red or blue all week. There was a Zumba dance off, tug of war challenge, dodge ball competition, and world cup soccer tournament. Every camper worked hard all week in support of their team, but in the end the winner was the red team! One of the concluding competitions was a counselor dance battle. Mr. Chris did a funny dance for the campers and Mr. Mango dressed as Michael Jackson. If your camper enjoyed this week of Camp NAC they will certainly love the camp themes we have to offer in our School’s Out Camp, like Greek Greatness and Game Show!


3. The Campers dominated in Laser Combat against the counselors at the beginning of the summer. Campers hid behind obstacles, dodged lasers, and ran between sand bags to pull off their victory against the counselors.


4. During week 4 of Camp NAC was Musical Theater Camp. Campers practiced and prepared for their performance of Annie the musical all week. At the conclusion of the week they put on a show for everyone to watch. Mr. Alex also played a crucial role in the musical, he was the grumpy old Miss Hannigan!


5. One of the big inventions campers created was their egg drop containers. Campers had to brainstorm ways that would prevent an egg from breaking if it was dropped one story high. After they thought up the idea they created their inventions from recycled materials. Campers used paper, egg cartons, plastic bags, paper towels, and shoe boxes to create their ultimate machine. Even the counselors competed in the egg drop and made their own inventions.


6. One of the awesome field trips Camp NACster went on was to Giggleberry Fair! Campers loved all the slides, fishing in the pond, the ball pit, and the huge gymnasium indoors. Campers played the game man hunt inside and planned out different steps throughout as the bases. Our younger campers loved playing dress up and one of them even dressed as a firefighter.


7. At the beginning of the summer we got a Camp NAC pet Tortoise. Campers wrote down what they wanted to name him and we had a drawing at the end of the pic to pick the winner. The name chosen was Apple Jack!


8. One of the most exciting things to happen at Camp this year was a visit from Elsa from the movie Frozen. Elsa visited Princess Camp and on her way into the NAC she left a trail of ice for our campers to follow. Elsa sang her favorite song “Let It Go” with all of her royal friends. Before Elsa had to leave she signed a picture for every princess to take home with them.


9. One of our newest camps added this summer was Lego Mania. Campers started out the day with an engineering lesson and learning the basics behind an engineering design plan. They then incorporated what they learned in the lesson earlier in the day with their activity involving Legos! At the end of the week each camper made their own contribution to the final product of Lego City!


10. Teen Travel Camp is brand new to Camp NAC this year. Teens go on field trips twice a week and then spend the remaining days doing various activities around the NAC. Dorney Park was one of the favorite field trips that the teens went on this summer. Campers loved the one roller coaster Hydra, some even rode it multiple times.


All of the camps above took place this Summer, and were loved by all campers, that is why we are offering most of the camps above or something very similar this fall and winter in our School’s Out Camp. When school is out, even for a Holiday, Camp NAC is in. Check out our School’s Out Camp schedule of dates and descriptions of camps offered on our website.