Bubble Soccer is like no other one thing, it’s several things combined. Of course, you are playing soccer, but you are also carrying a 20lb inflatable ball on your shoulders which allows you to bump, roll and flip down the field as you laugh and enjoy the game of soccer with your friends!

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Here are 6 things to know about Bubble Soccer:
1. Where it began
In 2011, Bubble Soccer (or bubble football as it’s known throughout many parts of the world) was invented in Norway as a joke by Henrik Elvestad & Johan Golden. Little did they know, they would set the foundation for such a spectacular and crazy new sport!

Bubble soccer is currently played around the world including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Britain and the USA. The craze continued when a Norwegian television sports show clip was featured on YouTube in 2011. It immediately went viral and attracted more than 3 million hits! Check out the YouTube Video!

2. What it’s like to play
Based on feedback from actual players:

  • You’ll laugh yourself silly.
  • It doesn’t hurt when you hit the ground.
  • Most of the time you can get back on your feet without help.
  • It is extraordinarily fulfilling when you manage to kick the ball.
  • By the end of a game, you know you’ve had a good workout.

3. It’s a workout!
Running in the bubble suit is a workout so you better be ready to sweat. In fact, the better shape you’re in, the longer you’ll be able to play and your chances of winning increase! Since you will be getting knocked down to the ground often, getting back up is half the battle. That makes Bubble Soccer a fun game to play with friends and a great cardio and core body workout, too!

4. The role of the referee
Any soccer referee has to be fit. There’s lots of running as the ball makes its way from one end of the soccer field to the other, but bubble soccer demands much more from the referee than the average soccer game.

As the only person on the field with free hands, the role of the ref includes retrieving the ball. When the ball is kicked off the field, the ref chases it and reintroduces it into play. As Bubble Soccer becomes more widely known and attracts crowds of observers along the sidelines, there may be less leg work involved in ball retrieval but in its infancy when there’s nobody around to stop the ball, Bubble Soccer is hard work for the referee.

bubble-soccer-25. There is a National Association of Bubble Soccer
With thousands of players registered in the US, The National Association of Bubble Soccer is the official organization of Bubble Soccer/Bubble Football in the US. With leagues running in over 25 major cities across the United States & Canada and still growing, they are dedicated to bringing this fun sport to the national level for all to enjoy, including bubble soccer for kids. Learn more

6. Rules and regulations
As far as how the game is played, standard soccer rules apply, but full contact is allowed. In most games, various rules have been put into place to make the game even safer for players.

You don’t have to enjoy playing soccer to really enjoy this sport. Many people who have tried Bubble Soccer have never attempted playing soccer before. In fact, one of the best parts of playing this sport is the benefit of getting to safety knock your friends down and dart after the ball! Be careful though, some players get the hang of rolling over and jumping back on their feet real fast!