NAC TMA Partnership

The NAC is a proud member of the TMA Bucks Air Quality Partnership Program in Bucks County! 

The Air Quality Partnership Program is administered by TMA Bucks and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission in Bucks County to help increase awareness of the region’s air quality problem and educate businesses, governments and citizens on steps to take to reduce smog-forming pollutants.

As warmer weather approaches, so does the onset of ground-level ozone. High levels of ozone pose health risks for everyone, and large segments of the population are considered especially sensitive to air pollution. Fortunately, ozone levels are being monitored and the public can be alerted when levels become unhealthy. The Air Quality Partnership Program educates residents about the dangerous effects of ground-level ozone and provides air quality forecasts to the public.

The NAC assists in this effort by forwarding Air Quality Action Day Alerts to about 500 employees and also displaying the action day alerts on our digital screens throughout the club where about 3,000 people come through daily.

The NAC is committed to working with TMA Bucks to help improve the air quality so everyone in Bucks County can breathe easier!

For more information on the TMA please contact:
David Walter
TMA Bucks
Communications Manager