NAC Parking with Small Children PWSC

Important Note:  New tags for the 2018 – 2019 season will be available soon.  You may pick one up at your convenience at the Program Desk.  We will not enforce use of the new parking tags until they are here and have been distributed for at least 2 weeks.

The PWSC parking areas  are in effect during the following times:
Monday – Friday 8am – 12pm | Monday – Thursday 4pm – 8pm | Saturday 8am – 1pm

These parking guidelines for Parents with Small Children (age 9 and below) have been in place for several years and have received overwhelming support from our membership.  Many suggestions have been made to help improve voluntary compliance with our mutual desire to assure a safe environment for families with small children in the parking lot. 

A number of your suggestions for improving our parking system were already on the drawing board.  In the end, each guideline presented below was suggested by our members at some point.  So in essence, these policies came from you as well as us.  Your assistance in this issue and your enthusiastic support of these parking guidelines are greatly appreciated. 

Parents with Small Children (PWSC) Parking Policy.  

1.       There are a total of 60 PWSC parking spots.

2.       We have relocated the spots to safer areas in relation to the front door.  (see diagram below) 

             Please note the 30-Year Member Parking is also located close to the front of the building.

3.       Each each spot that is reserved for PWSC is designated with an individual parking sign. (avoiding confusion)

4.       Each Parent with a Small Child will receive 1 Parking Permit hanging tag  to put on their vehicle.  This is to be hung on the rear view mirror of   the vehicle.  Limit:  1 per individual membership with a small child, 2 per family membership with small child(ren).

5.       Permit tags will be issued in the Membership Service office.  When you receive a permit your membership file will reflect this and you may only receive a replacement tag with special permission from management.

6.       The PWSC parking areas will be monitored often to insure compliance.

7.       For purposes of these parking guidelines small children will be defined as any child age 9 or under.

8.       Permit privileges will be forfeited if used without small children present.

9.       Permits will expire on May 15 of each year.  New ones will be issued annually 1 week prior to May 1.

The PWSC parking areas  are in effect during the following times:
Monday – Friday 8am – 12pm | Monday – Thursday 4pm – 8pm | Saturday 8am – 1pm

Your cooperation with these parking guidelines will be appreciated by not only the NAC staff, but even more by your fellow members with small children.  Our mutual interest in the safety of all our members is the driving force behind these initiatives and we are confident that with everyone’s commitment our new parking configuration will be successful.