“Matt’s Mission” was created in 2015 to support Augie’s Quest and ALS

This page is dedicated to NAC Member Matt Bellina and his family as well as to the fight against ALS.  The NAC is dedicated to fighting this terrible disease by raising money to support Augie’s Quest, which in turn directly supports the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI).

Matt Bellina was diagnosed with ALS in April of 2014 and is currently being treated by ALS TDI, which is aggressively seeking treatments utilizing cutting edge medical technology now.  The keyword is “now”.  They are not waiting for long government trials, but rather are able to apply stem cell and other modern capabilities today.

When we (at the NAC) learned that one of our own members, Matt Bellina, was directly involved with ALS TDI therapeutic testing we knew that our destiny had been carved out for us.

Another member of our NAC family is stricken with ALS, Frank Mongiello.
Mongiello Family

Marilyn and Frank Mongiello and their children

Our ALS family is growing as we are shocked and saddened to hear that Marilyn Mongiello’s husband, Frank, has been diagnosed with the disease.  Many of you know Marilyn as one of our amazing Group Exercise Instructors here at the NAC for the past 15 years.  She and Frank have six beautiful children together.  Through some very good fortune, Frank will be receiving treatment at the ALS Therapy Development Institute (TDI) in Boston, just as Matt is.  It is our hope that you will look into your hearts and support Matt’s Mission to donate to research for a cure for ALS to help both Matt Bellina and Frank Mongiello.  The funds raised through Matt’s Mission will go directly to ALS TDI where both Matt and Frank receive treatment.

Matt’s Mission 2015 raised $180,000!

Thank you to everyone who supported Matt’s Mission as our $180,000 represented one tenth of the $1.8million dollars raised for Augie’s Quest by IHRSA Clubs in 2015.  That was the largest amount from a single club in the nation.  $100,000 of the total amount was donated personally by NAC owner Jim Worthington. 

A  Sliver of Matt’s Life…“We can get motivated, we can do stuff, we can put our face out there and be part of the fight.  That’s what we decided to do.”   …Matt Bellina

If he can do it, so can we!


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Beyond the Ice Bucket Challenge: Patients Fight for New ALS Therapies featuring Matt Bellina

When a child blows on a dandelion making a wish, they do so with the hope that their wish will be granted. The innocence of this wish can also reflect the deepest desires in their hearts.

Matt Bellina, a 32-year-old Navy veteran living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), one day discovered what his 4-year-old son hoped for after Bellina noticed a dandelion in the grasp of his son’s tiny fingers.

“My older son knows that I can’t run with him,” Bellina said. “The other day he picked up a dandelion and blew on it. I said, ‘What did you wish for JP?’ (Bellina’s son said) ‘I wished that you could play football with me.’’

The selflessness and purity of his son’s wish served to further reinforce Bellina in his fight against ALS.

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NAC Member Bill McAlister donates $5000 for 2016 campaign!

This year we are kicking off our Matt’s Mission 2016 campaign with a generous donation of $5,000 form NAC Member Bill McAlister.  Last year, Bill was the largest individual donor from the NAC, after NAC owner and philanthropist Jim Worthington, with a total donation of just over $10,000.  Jim donated another $100,000 personally to the cause in 2015.  That combined with the $80,000 raised from NAC members, Matt’s family and friends and the community brought us to a total of $180,000, which represented 10% of the total $1.8 million raised at Augie’s Bash in 2015.

Bill does not do anything small, rather he is a big thinker with a big personality who is generous without even asking.  When he saw we were dedicated to Matt’s Mission again this year, he came to us offering to kick-off our fundraising with what he hopes will be an inspiring gesture of donating $5,000 for the 2016 campaign to motivate others to give over the next few weeks.

All of this fundraising culminates at Augie’s Quest Bash at the IHRSA (International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association) Conference in Orlando in March of 2016.  Augie Nieto, the founder of Life Fitness Equipment, was diagnosed with ALS in 2005 and has raised almost $50 million dollars through his foundation over that past 10  years.  Each year we honor Augie, a giant in our industry, by raising funds to support research.  One day the research will beat this disease and we will all have been a part of it.

So, for Matt, Augie and Frank we ask that you support these efforts with a donation and plan to attend the Silver Snow Ball!

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