All group ex classes cancelled for Sunday, January 18, 2015 due to extreme icy road conditions.
The club is open and Six Zone Training and Fitness on Demand are still available.

Classes with a * require a stamp from the front desk. Members may stamp in up to 30 minutes prior to class start time.






(E) = Good for all fitness levels
(I/A) = Intermediate/advanced fitness levels


* All levels welcome in all classes, unless designated.
* Members are encouraged to consult with the Director regarding appropriate classes, exercises, and their program in general.
* Please stamp in @ front desk for all classes marked with an *, up to 30 minutes prior to class time to reserve your spot.
* Please – no heavy perfumes applied before class.
* Warm-ups and cool downs provided in all classes.
* Please keep studio floors clear from gym bags, coats, etc.
* Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!