Meet Our Parkour Instructor!

Meet our popular Parkour Instructor, Joneil! He attends Bucks County Community College where he is majoring in both Cinematography & Business. He enjoys traveling, producing videos, and staying active, where he one day hopes to become a director and film Parkour!

What exactly is Parkour?

There are so many ways to describe it! The simplest version of what Parkour means is the art of motion. It takes aspects from martial arts and allows the person to express themselves in a very creative and unique way.

How long have you been doing Parkour?

I have been practicing Parkour for the last 5 years!

How long have you worked at the NAC?

I have worked at the NAC for the last 3 years and I absolutely love it.



What is the most rewarding part of being a Parkour Instructor?

The most rewarding part is being able to do what I love everyday. I was able to connect with the kids over the last 3 years, get to know their families and watch them succeed the more they learn the skills.

What do you love most about Parkour?

There are too many things to name! I love that you are able to make it your own. You can express yourself in anyway you want. There are no rules, it is all about free movement, being carefree and being able to do something I am so passionate about.



We love having Joneil at the NAC!

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