Erin Lotta

My mission is to help people become stronger. Everyone is in a different time in their fitness journey and I believe in meeting people where they are in that journey and challenging them to be better than imagined.

I have struggled with my weight for the majority of my life. I always thought that I had to be a certain size to try new activities and to workout in front of others at the gym. I was always a fitness lover but was only focused on running and cardio based activities until a few years ago. Running an hour a day, six days a week never resulted in the lean, toned body that I always dreamed of. A few years ago, I started lifting weights and focused on strength for the first time while still remaining fearful of becoming big and bulky. This changed my life! I finally got the toned, lean body desired and became inspired to help others achieve change in their lives too.

Be patient with yourself. Weight isn’t gained or lost overnight. For real results that stick you must be willing to commit to the journey!





Strength training

High intensity workouts

Team Training

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